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About DBJ College

Dr. Datar Science, Dr. Behere Arts and Shri. Pilukaka Joshi Commerce College (D.B.J. College) was established on 20th June 1965 by Navkonkan Education Society, Chiplun with the intention of imparting higher education of the best quality to the rural community of Konkan region.

Vision – Converting Knowledge into Wisdom

The Mission of Institution is

  •   To provide study facilities,
  •  To Impart knowledge of high quality and,
  •  To raise self confidence and courage to face challenges in life.
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Quality Education

To Extensive range of programs and courses to enhance 3Es (Education, Employability and Employment)

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To provide professional linguistic skills to the rural students for fluency, confidence and better prospects.

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To make the girl students self – confident, self protective, self powered, financially aware and physically/mentally matured.

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